Tuesday, 19 Mar 2019
Category: Arts

Investment Opportunities Available to Businesses in the Music Industry

For promotion companies, new record labels, distributors, and other music-related businesses, looking for a raise in the capital has unique benefits and challenges. It is not a secret that monies are hard to find businesses in the music industry given that they can benefit from the arts councils or government sources. Add to that, it is tricky to find investors without having to concede the creative control of the company. Here are some options that you can […]

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2 Wise Investments Musicians Should Start By Now!

Have you ever wondered where your money went? I bet, you would be ashamed to admit that you spent a lot on things and activities that you enjoyed. There is nothing wrong with that if you do it moderately. However, life can be tricky and put you in financial woes in case you lose your job, you get sick, or you met an accident. Preparation is still the best policy. Prepare now by making viable […]

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Necessary documents when filing tax as freelance Artist

The Philippine Statistics Authority or PSA in the short term has released a statement indicating that self-employed professionals or freelancers are the second largest class of workers in the country for the year 2017. In fact, independent professionals dominate the 27.8% of workers in the country. It may be tempting not to file your tax since you are working from home and it seems that the salary is just enough for the daily expenses. But, […]

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