Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019

How To Sell Your Awe-Inspiring Art Pieces Online


Before you jump into selling your paper sculpture or paper art, there are a few things you must keep in mind to incorporate personal branding to your target audiences. Catching their attention can lead to conversion or a success sale revenue.

Guides in selling paper sculpture to live by are as follows:

Never sell yourself short, no one can dictate how much you can sell your masterpieces, it is only you can define the price range of each paper sculpture. Consider the materials you have used, time and effort you have exerted, and the years of expertise of being an artist during the decision-making in pricing.

When you sell paper sculpture at a cheap price, there is a tendency that the consumer may not value the paper art as much as you do, and end up selling it in a garage sale.

With an accurate price for the craft based on your talent, the client will have the same level of importance on keeping the artwork with them. The item with certain high priced will become an investment to every consumer you cater to. Through the right pricing, you are simply telling the clients the value of your work.

One of the easiest ways to sell paper sculpture for an artist is taking advantage of Instagram. Grow your fan base by letting them be part of the process, through uploading Instagram stories at least twice a week or going live for around 30 minutes.

This will make them see and appreciate the work that you do and how meticulous to be an artist like you. Include even just small details of every paper art when posting, to help your target market create a vision, making them feel that they should buy from you.

And always feed your passion to keep your enthusiasm in creating more paper sculpture masterpieces. Being an artist does not mean you have to focus on one topic, be dauntless and creative. You may include to your portfolio wide varieties of art such as nature art, paper art, wildlife art, and fine art.

credits to paper artist Calvin Nicholls

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